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PFI Helvetia Conference
Pagan Weekend in Switzerland
October 5 through 6, 2013
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PFI Switzerland is organizing a national and international Pagan get-together. It will be an extraordinary weekend with workshops and conferences, but most importantly provide the opportunity to meet other Pagans. You can expect to spend 2 days filled with rich programming and sharing.

The bilingual (German & French) discussions will be presented by several compatriots. This year our guest will be Anja Nordmann. She is from Scandinavia and lives in southern France. She is a Northern European Shaman and will present a very interesting workshop.

The Program:
The final detailed program with the names of the presenters and their themes will be announced to the participants over the summer. What we can tell you now is that we will talk about the future of paganism in Switzerland, discovering the Asatru Tradition, Dreamy organize a Workshop or conference which the topic is not decided yet, and we have the great opportunity to experience a North European shamanic workshop. On Saturday evening, we will enjoy being together with a Big Surprise!

Start: Saturday 5th October 2013 at 11am
End: Sunday 6th October 2013 at about 5pm

The chalet is situated in the heights of Biel/Bienne next to a forest, with a green field. There is a large community room for meals and discussions, three little rooms (reserved for those who have  a physical problem, such as a bad back, etc), and two dormitories on the galleries which are accessible with a ladder, a large kitchen, and bathrooms with showers and toilets.

The details about the location and the directions will be sent to the participants by email over the summer.

We will begin with a potluck lunch on Saturday, so everyone should bring a dish to share for the buffet. For the other meals, we will provide the ingredients and the meals will be prepared together.

Table of the Pagan Market
There will be a table where you can sell your creations or exchange or donate.

The price includes room and board for Saturday evening as well the administrative costs. Space is limited, so please don’t wait to sign up!

PFI Members: CHF 70.-
Non-members: CHF 90.-

Your inscription will be confirmed upon reception of your payment.

Please pay your fee within 3 days of our confirmation in order to assure that there is still room. We will give you the details about the bank account at that time, and your reservation will be confirmed upon reception of your payment.

You will be refunded in full if we can find someone to take your place, or if you suggest someone as fast as possible to replace you.

In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled, you will be fully reimbursed.