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The Pagan Federation has been actively developing support and events throughout the UK. Many regions now have annual conferences and most have their own newsletters to keep members in touch with local happenings. There are also a number of smaller events such as pub moots, discussion groups, workshops, picnics and coach trips to sacred sites to enable members to learn more about Paganism and to meet with like-minded people.

The serious campaigning continues. The PF runs an Anti-Defamation section, which seeks to defend Paganism against abuse and misrepresentation by the media and which fights discrimination against Pagans by the authorities. As a resource for the media, the Pagan Federation handles hundreds of inquiries each year from radio, television, newspapers and magazines, giving them accurate and authorative information.

Rather than be purely reactive in its mission to achieve the recognition of Paganism, the PF has also taken a more positive and proactive approach to achieve these ends. This has resulted in Paganism being recognized as a valid religion by "Religions in the UK", the directory of the UK's Interfaith Network. The Home Office has also recognized Paganism as a religion whose members have a right to spiritual support on a par with other religions. We now have several prison visitors, and a similar pastoral service is being provided for Pagans in hospital. This creates a useful precedent when dealing with other Government departments.

We are working towards winning acceptance of the right of Pagans to practice their beliefs openly and without discrimination. In all its endeavours, the Pagan Federation promotes factual accuracy about Paganism, and works toward the goal of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding.