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For information about the upcoming PFI Helvetia conference in October, click here.

Pagan Moot Bern, every second Saturday of the Month from 3pm
Contact: [email protected]

Pagan Moot Geneva, every third Saturday of the Month from 3pm
Contact: [email protected]

Pagan Moot Neuchatel, every last Saturday of the Month (expect December) from 3 pm
Contact: [email protected]

Heidenspass (Zurich moot), every first Wednesday of the Month from 7pm
For more information please join the mailing list or contact Lily
Mailing list: http://eepurl.com/esiro
Contact: [email protected]

Other events are held year-round.

For information about when and where these events are held, please contact your national coordinator, , or check the PFI Forum .

Pagan Federation International Events Please check out the PFI Forum for these important announcements! Announcements and details about national or international events, lists of pub moots, etc. will be posted on the PFI forum . Your National Coordinator will post announcements to the news or events section of the forum.

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