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Membership - Types and Benefits

How to Apply | Types and Benefits

Membership Options
Basically there are two different types of membership. One is with a subscription to the quarterly magazine "Pagan Dawn" and the other is without the magazine. All members will also be enrolled in the "Pagan Federation International Forum" which is a multilingual forum.

In addition to this there is a discount for "Partners", "University Students" and also for the "Older and hopefully Wiser".

Partners: Partners can become joint members at a small additional cost. We must have the names of both partners, and a letter from each person, you can write both letters on the form.

Students and Seniors: Students who are officially attending a University, or equivalent, or seniors of at least 65 years old can become members at a discounted rate.

All Subscriptions Include:

  • Automatic registration on the PFI Forum
  • Access to the Pagan Plaza, where there are newsletters
  • Invitations to PFI events and to other Pagan events with discounts for PFI members
  • Discounts for PF events in the UK and Ireland
  • Contributions to the Pagan community and support for the work of PFI
  • Subscribing members also receive our quarterly glossy magazine, Pagan Dawn .